Yoga with Jenn


When incorporated into your healing journey, yoga is an incredibly powerful tool that helps your your body, mind and soul come into alignment. Jenn incorporates her knowledge, experience, and certifications into her teaching to provide a comprehensive wellness experience.


Yoga helps to correct misalignment from injury, surgery or bad posture.


Yoga brings the body, mind and spirit into a state of balance and ease.


Yoga provides the opportunity to connect with and master your inner landscape.

MFR Yoga is healing

MFR Yoga is a therapeutic approach to yoga created by Grace D. Vedala, a yoga teacher, physical therapist & John Barnes myofascial release therapist.

It corrects misalignment in the body and helps release myofascial holding patterns that cause pain, bad posture, limited mobility, and overall discomfort. MFR yoga incorporates myofascial release, restorative & yin poses, as well as hands on adjustments by Jenn. MFR Yoga guides students to find new awareness, space and freedom in their bodies.

MFR Yoga is great for all levels. No yoga experience needed, just a desire to find freedom & ease in your body.

Jenn offers both private and small group yoga classes from her private studio, teaching her clients how to use yoga as a powerful tool on their healing journey.