It is time to let go & embrace the real you!

Energetic Self Alignment™ is a powerful healing & transformational modality that can help you to get unstuck & release trauma so that you can return to a lighter, more joyful you.

What is Energetic Self Alignment™?

Energetic Self Alignment™ is a pathway that allows you to align your mind, body & spirit with your true desired Self. Life experiences, trauma, and family & societal programming leave us with misconceptions, or illusions, about who we are and the world around us. We find ourselves stuck, unable to live our truth, and disconnected from parts of ourselves and body. We hold trapped energy and emotions in all parts of our being blocking our vital life force energy which negatively affects our health, and our ability to live a happy, content, soul-driven life.

Energetic Self Alignment™ allows you to:


Reprogram limiting and self-destructive subconscious beliefs


Release trapped energy and emotions from mind, body & spirit


Recognize the root cause of blockages that cause dis-ease, illness, and being stuck in life


Reconnect and ground into your body


Return to a lighter, more joyful version of yourself


Re-align to your unique blueprint and show up to life as a more authentic version of you

What people say?


“My experience with Energetic Self Alignment was as powerful a healing session as I’ve ever had – and I’ve had many. Energetic Self Alignment allowed me to invite past trauma to come forward & be seen, to truly heal it, so I can enjoy life today feeling more whole, more like me.”


“My experience with Energetic Self Alignment has been “transformational”, truly! I am not using that word lightly, it is the only way to explain it. This specific technique with Jenn is like no other; I am now experiencing my life for the first time as my true self, the person I have only dreamt of being. Each day is genuinely beautiful for the first time.


“Energetic Self Alignment allows me to visit and pinpoint my past trauma for a brief time, and through Jenn’s unique modality, I am able to finally release blockages, paralyzing thoughts and emotions. It has been just about a month, and I feel the freedom to enjoy a calm, grounded and peaceful life each and every day.” 


“My Energetic Self Alignment session was so much more powerful than a psychotherapy session! It had a powerful effect on me and has helped me find peace.”

How does it work

You will be guided through a powerful healing experience of where you will:

Identify blockages in your being and life

Connect inward using cues from your body and mind

Revive & Transform disconnected, disillusioned, and wounded parts of yourself

Integrate the transformed parts into your current Self

Release the energy of old emotions, beliefs, and trauma

Reinforce the transformation with your Energetic Self-Healing Practice

Energetic Self-Healing Practice

Energetic Self-Healing is a transformational at-home practice that was specifically designed to help you to reinforce and integrate the changes and transformation created during Energetic Self Alignment™ to ensure that old patterns do not return. Following your session, you will be provided a video that will guide you step-by-step through Energetic Self-Healing. By practicing Energetic Self-Healing, you are empowered to take the reins of your healing, transformation, and your life.

What to Expect During an Energetic Self Alignment™ Session

After discussion you will be guided on an inner journey and through a process of identifying and releasing or reprogramming blockages in your body, mind & spirit. Your practitioner will use muscle testing and energy healing during your session; however, you will be empowered to make this powerful transformation within. You do not need any experience, just a desire and openness to change. Energetic Self Alignment™ can be done in-person or virtually. Sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Why is Energetic Self Alignment™ so powerful?

Energetic Self Alignment™ is the only energy healing & transformation modality that offers a ‘complete’ healing experience. By combining energy & spiritual psychology, subconscious reprogramming, Reiki & Shamanic energy healing, neurolinguistic programming, yogic principles and more, clients experience powerful healing in all aspects of their being – mind, body & spirit. This leads to powerful change.

In addition, Energetic Self Alignment™ takes you through a ‘complete’ healing experience in each session. We open and connect to start the ESA process, and by the end of the journey we close the loop so, we leave feeling complete, integrated, and whole.

“Jenn is a modern medicine woman healer and she has an extraordinary gift. My Energetic Self Alignment session was more powerful than a therapy session and I am a practicing psychiatrist! Jenn incorporates elements of traditional western therapy with Eastern and Native American healing concepts. In my view, an accomplished balance. In my work with Energetic Self Alignment, I have come to understand how much the body is the holding place for our psychological struggles and I have learnt to “listen” to many non-mind aspects of my existence. All this has had a powerful effect on me.”

Energetic Self Alignment™ is a highly effective healing & transformational modality
created by Jenn Miller, LMT, RYT, Reiki Master.

After a cancer diagnosis at age 18, Jenn embarked on a journey to heal herself and get to the root cause of her illness. Inspired by her own healing journey, she went on to train with some of the world’s most renowned alternative healing practitioners. Jenn combined her own personal 20-year healing experience with extensive training and client work when she created Energetic Self Alignment™. Jenn works with clients in Dallas and all over the world find true inner freedom and return to their true Self.

Are you ready to change your life?

Jenn works with clients in Dallas and all over the world find true inner freedom and return to their true Self.