Energetic Healing

Experience unparallelled healing and transformation by tapping into the energy within you and removing blockages that hold you back.


At the core of everything is energy. When your energy is able to flow freely, you feel good both mentally and physically. Healing energy techniques have been used for thousands of years, and when combined with modern science, we can find powerful healing and transformation.


By discovering what’s blocking us physically and mentally, we start shifting our energy.


We can control the flow of energy, raise our vibrations and learn to release what holds us back.


Experience restored balance and flow of true wellness.


Because Jenn’s approach is incredibly personal, sessions look and feel different for everyone. If this is your first experience with energy healing, it’s hard to know what to expect. She walks you through the process and puts you at ease immediately.

Jenn combines her extensive Japanese and Shamanic Reiki training with powerful technologies like NES and HeartMath to help you identify and release blockages that are causing dis-ease. Her clients have experienced unparalleled healing and transformation under her care. Start your journey today.


Ancient Wisdom
For centuries, cultures around the world have used the movement of energy for healing. These ancient cultures simultaneously yet separately developed the same energetic structure of the human being. While we call these techniques different names (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Shamanism and more), each one has been proven over and over to help correct blockages and restore the body.

Modern Science
From universities to NASA, scientist are discovering what ancient cultures have understood for centuries: everything is made up of energy – and we can absolutely manipulate it for healing. The human body has a frequency of about 40 Hz. When our body holds blockages, our vibrations change. By combining ancient wisdom and modern science and technology, we can experience true healing.

If you are ready to experience true awakening and self-awareness, I would highly recommend working with Jenn. I felt so much relief physically and emotionally.
– KD


When we shift our perspective of the human being from matter-based to energy-based, we open to an ancient perspective on healing. Our thoughts, intentions, trapped emotions and past traumas all impact our being on a bioenergetic level.

By going inward and releasing these low-frequency energies, we intentionally move our energy and change our vibration for the better.

We can change our frequency and remove blockages, allowing energy to flow freely and restore balance.