Rise Reviews

“For the first time in my life I feel calm and able to handle everything that is being thrown at me within my everyday life. I have control over my feelings and emotions that once used to paralyze me.

To say this experience changed my life does not give it the credit due. Jenn was able to guide me so gracefully through this transformation, and I truly feel her practical approach is solid and has given me the peace and calm I so longed for.

“The school of life has changed my life forever. I had struggled with several emotional issues Including severe depression for 20+ years and had tried everything else In the past.

Working with Jenn has allowed me to find true healing and freedom from depression and so many other negative feelings I carried for so long. Jenn is a gifted healer and I am so grateful for all that she’s done for me. The school of life introduced me to a whole new life, a life that I didn’t know existed, with endless possibilities, pure joy and peace.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to grow so much in this 30 day course, in all aspects of my being.

Emotionally enlightened, made stronger spiritually, and my body has been recovering from old injuries of an auto accident I competed forgot about. The classes are filled with knowledge that made learning and valuing peace a priority and easy to attain.

Very high recommend!”

It has impacted it in amazing ways. My mother and sister whom are my hardest critics even said they LOVE this “new me”. I just feel more positive, clear, and re-energized for life again.”

This course has changed my life!”

Blending my body healing journey to my newly discovered emotional and feeling journey made the program feel compete. I was healing every part of my being.”

I loved this course. It impacted me in so many ways, and there is sooo much useful information to utilize daily. The one that stands out the most is my reaction to events in my everyday life.

One of the many exercises taught was to be aware and observe situations without emotions. It’s very difficult, and took a second to wrap my mind around it. But, after all the different material we covered the pieces just came together to make it easier to me.

I’ve noticed that I honestly don’t react hardly at all. To not give it energy; especially when it’s unfavorable situations. Things happen, I observe and move on. And it seems to work it’s way out. Whereas before, it would take over my whole day or week. Everything is energy. And you get back what you put out. I learn this more and more everyday. I’m overall a lot more at peace.”

Words used to describe the course:

Transformational, Eye-opening, Inspirational, Life Changing, Informative, Science Based/Factual, Practical (provided usable and helpful tools & tips), Good value for money

100% of participants indicated that they are more self-aware after taking the course