NES Health


NES Health is an advanced bioenergetic technology that scans your energy field to identify and correct blockages. With a basis in the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system, NES looks at how energy moves through the body and its’ systems, organs, and tissues as well as the flow of communication between these parts.

It also ties in the mind-body connection and the effect of emotions, trauma, and beliefs on your physical health, as well as the effects of lifestyle choices.


NES assesses your entire bioenergetic system in seconds to find blockages in the flow of energy that lead to poor functioning and disease.


Knowing where your energy is trapped gives us a roadmap to unblocking your system, helping use energy to heal your system before its broken.


NES helps us determine which modalities, medicines and infoceuticals will be most beneficial in your healing journey, expediting the process.


Jenn incorporates NES Health into her practice to provide quantifiable data to help guide your healing journey. NES provides insight into the state of your energy, whether it is a lack of energy from key sources or a blockage of energy and information flow through certain systems or organs of the body.

NES also gives us a look into trauma, emotions and beliefs that are tied to any blockages or malfunctioning in your energy field. Periodic NES scans often reveal trauma and emotions that are surfacing and ready to be released during your healing journey.

Scan and Consultation – $150
-60-minute consultation to review your scan results
-Portal login to view your scan
-Infoceutical recommendations 

Scan only – $99 
(Each additional scan is $50)


After many years on my healing journey and trying so many different modalities, I was blown away by NES! It identified deep patterns in my energy and connected them to areas where my body wasn’t functioning properly and trauma I had experienced.

After using NES and infoceuticals I experienced a huge shift in my energy level and the way my body functions. I have so much more energy and I feel lighter. NES truly is the future of healing!