Journey of the Warrior Heart

A healing journey designed to awaken your inner wisdom & elevate your frequency

Awaken. Heal. Transform

The Journey of the Warrior Heart is a one-on-one guided experience. Sometimes in life, we come to a place where we feel disconnected from ourselves, frustrated and alone.

Whether that disconnect manifests itself as low energy, anxiety and depression, addiction, physical illness, feeling discontent with life, or just feeling lost, the signs are clear. It becomes easy to ignore your inner voice and your heart’s wisdom.

The Journey of the Warrior Heart is designed to help you go inward, identify and release non-serving, low vibration things that are holding you back in life, and keeping your heart closed.

Through this experiential and educational journey, Jenn helps you find new awareness, develop a fresh perspective and find freedom. She guides you in raising your frequency, and waking your inner wisdom using state-of-the-art technology that helps pinpoint and release blockages that are impacting your life.

By opening your heart and raising your vibrations, you operate at the frequency of Warrior Heart: strong, open and authentically you.

This guided 12-week journey is structured with flexibility in mind to honor your unique process. The phases typically occur in order; however, there can be some overlap or shifting.

If a 12 week commitment isn’t something you’re ready for, each phase is offered as a stand alone service.



We kick off your journey by determining your starting point. We will obtain a baseline of your current energetic state using NES Health technology. You will learn at a high-level about the energy system of the human being and the major sources and impacts on the flow of energy. This will identify and start to correct any breakdowns in the energetic and information system.

Just as when we the power goes out in your town a technician identifies and corrects the equipment or blocks and breakages in the path of energetic flow to restore optimal energy flow, we must do the same. To raise our frequency and operate in a state of health, wellness and vitality, it is vital that the energetic and information ‘infrastructure’ of our being is working properly.

• (1) NES Health Scan
• (2) 90-minute personalized sessions
• Education on the energetic system, major sources and impacts on our energy
• Tools and resources for optimizing your energetic and information flow

Timeframe: 2 Weeks
Investment: $595
Optional add-on: NES Infoceuticals



“The first step to change is to become conscious of who you are.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

During phase 2 you will learn in more depth about the human being from an energetic perspective. Each week you will be guided on a process of self-discovery to shine a new light on how you’re currently showing up to life.

You will develop a deeper understanding and greater conscious awareness of your being. You will learn information and practical tools to help raise your frequency, including HeartMath.

HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques which are easy to learn and designed to be used “in the moment”, whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best self to your professional, social and personal life. Heartmath uses biofeedback technology to help you move from living in your head and into your heart.

• (1) NES Scan
• (4) pre-recorded classes
• (4) two-hour sessions for personalized guidance and teaching
• (1) Inner Balance Biofeedback sensor & HeartMath training ($450 value)
• (1) Enneagram Personality Assessment • Self-guided consciousness expanding education & assignments

Timeframe: 4 weeks
Investment: $2,495
Optional add-on: Sacred Inner Journey (inquire for more details & pricing)
Optional add-on: NES Infoceuticals



“Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.”

With your increased level of self-awareness, in phase 3 you will be guided through releasing and reprogramming low vibration, non-serving energy that is not part of your essence but that you are carrying with you.

Through techniques such as PSYCH-K® (subconscious reprogramming), Trapped Energy Release, Reiki, ancient healing practices and more, you will shed your ‘old skin’ and shape-shift into a higher frequency being.

• (1) NES Scan
• (4) two-hour healing & transformation sessions
• Self-guided education & assignments

Timeframe: 4 weeks
Investment: $1,295
Optional add-on: Sacred Inner Journey (inquire for more details & pricing)
Optional add-on: NES Infoceuticals



With your new level of freedom, clarity and connection you will be guided through the process of empowering your essence, your higher self.

In phase 4 you will take the reigns and purposefully raise your frequency to manifest version 2.0 of your being and your life experience.

• (2) two-hour Soul Powered Strategic Sessions
• Self-guided soul empowering assignments & education

Timeframe: 2 weeks
Investment: $615



Moving through liife with freedom and joy: Priceless

Those enrolled in the full Journey of the Warrior Heart are eligible for discounts on Sacred Inner Journeys and Warrior Heart Connection offerings. Payment plans are available.