Cancer Warrior


Cancer is an unquestionable message from our body and the universe that something is not OK. Nothing will bring your life to a screeching halt like a cancer diagnosis.

It is a traumatic, life changing experience.

Healing from cancer does not stop the day treatment ends or the day you are declared cancer free, in fact the journey is just beginning. To release the deep-seated, negative energy cancer brings with it, we must go within to find the true root cause.

letting go of being a “cancer patient”

The experience of cancer is all-consuming and many times we continue to identify as a cancer patient (or caretaker) on a conscious or subconscious level long after the ‘battle’ has ended.

We carry around the energy of cancer and the experience of being a cancer patient. That shows up in our lives as anxiety, depression, pain, disconnection from ourselves and the world around us, and a deep fear of getting sick again.

This leaves us stuck in a pattern of illness and our bodies operating from a place of trauma and survival, not from a place of peace and thriving.


Jenn knows cancer well. At age 17 she was diagnosed with metastasized thyroid cancer. It was a surreal and traumatic experience to be a cancer patient.

Even after she had been declared ‘cancer free’, she spent many years just waiting to get sick again. This wasn’t living, it was trying to survive while living in fear. Jenn knew that she needed to get the real cause of her cancer, because the malignant cells were only a physical manifestation.

Jenn’s journey to heal took her all over the world and involved many modalities, but most importantly took her within herself where she began to face what had led to her cancer. Little by little she began to let go of the pain and trauma and emotions that were buried deep within her being. Little by little she began to feel like herself again until one day, the energy of her cancer was gone. She felt her essence shine like she had never experienced before.

Jenn calls herself a cancer warrior, as she not just beat the cancer, but the root cause of her cancer. Her mission is to help you do that same and build a tribe of cancer warriors.